Magic by Carlos grew up in “The Bronx”.  He learned a love of magic at an early age.  He also served as a U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer.  After serving in the military he started a career as a software engineer.

As a software engineer he discovered problems and new ways of solving them.  He provided solutions to organizations such as:  Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Harris, Fidelity, NEC, Miami Dolphins and others.

Magic by Carlos has performed thousands of private parties, in restaurants, and for corporations.  Some of the corporations he has provided his service to are:  Easter Seals, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Sprint, and United Way.

Magic by Carlos presents an extraordinary magical performances to all ages. Because he believes that magic is for everyone, his performances are designed for the young and for the young-at-heart.

He performs an interactive stage shows with his audience injecting comedy, entertainment and magic.  His ultimate goal is to allow his audiences to shed their inhibitions and simply have fun!  He has performed at private parties for an audience of 10 or more to a show for 300 attendees.

  • Offering incredible experiences through the ‘magic of magic’!
  • Magical performances sparkling with excitement!
  • Infuse your events with magic and enjoy the results!
  • Presenting the wonder of impossible possibilities to all ages!
  • Magic – a failsafe event pleaser!